The Fashion Shack

Our Story

newThe Fashion Shack opened in downtown Anderson, SC, in 1992. It began as a husband and wife team with a small store front. The first many (16 or 17) years were spent selling customer returns and store damages purchased from catalog companies, department stores, and other small stores. We grew to 8 locations. It was smooth sailing for a while! Our community seemed to love the concept of a new kind of discount store and loved the feeling of family. And then came trouble. Trouble…right here in River City (or upstate SC to be exact).

Economy went South, retailers tightened their belts, some of our main suppliers were bought out and liquidated…and things looked a little scary. All of the sudden, seemingly overnight, we couldn’t get enough merchandise to fill our stores. Shipping costs went through the roof…we were up a creek without a paddle! BUT sometimes when you’re without a paddle…well, you get creative. We thought, and thought, and thought, and came up with a plan. Why not buy from our wonderful and fashionable locals? And so began the era of Cash for Clothes. And what a wonderful thing it is! We have no lack of fabulous merchandise now, thanks to all of our local people who sell with us on a regular basis. Our business has steadily taken on a new life as many people discover the thrill of finding that designer item at a discount price, or the excitement of finding that one thing that no none else can find again! We are thrilled every day with the items that make their way through our doors…if we think you’ll love finding it here, we’ll purchase it and have it waiting for you to find!!!

The Fashion Shack locations are now in Anderson, Greenville, Easley, and Seneca. Our business is kind of like the cute girl next door next to the supermodel from New York…it is imperfect because its personal and down home. We are working continually to make shopping with us a better, more exciting, and uplifting experience.

In addition to our 4 Fashion Shack locations there is also our Education Shack in downtown Anderson on the square and a brand new discount version of The Fashion Shack (yes!…stuff for even less!!!) called The Shack 531 where all items are $5 and under ALL THE TIME. The store is located in South Anderson.

Hope you can drop by one of our locations sometime and say “Hello!” We’d love to see you!

The Pierce Family